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LONDON, October 9th 2023; Mirador Solutions Consultancy, the specialist financial services consultancy are pleased to announce the arrival of Steve Keevil as Principal Consultant. Steve joins with over 12 years industry experience, spanning Occupational Pension Schemes, Investment and Wealth Management organisations. Steve is a seasoned practitioner in delivery and change; having led on focus areas […]

Family Office Feature on Cyber Attacks; In Conversation with Gareth Cocks

Are cyberattacks a real concern for family offices? Absolutely, and we can expect to see the threat profile increase considerably over the course of the next few years. Cyber terrorists, or bad actors, are becoming more sophisticated in their efforts and will actively seek to expose vulnerabilities in a target’s infrastructure, stealing data, disrupting operations, […]

Adam Abdiche appointed Presales Consultant

LONDON, February 20th 2023; Mirador Solutions are pleased to announce Adam Abdiche as the newest addition to the team. Adam has been hired as a Presales Consultant and will drive our sales & client engagement strategy. Adam comes to Mirador with a track record of sales accomplishments and a history of helping elevate the performance […]

Sue Meyer appointed Consultancy Operations Director

LONDON, November 9th 2022; Mirador Solutions, the specialist financial services consultancy are pleased to announce the arrival of Sue Meyer as Consultancy Operations Director. Sue joins Mirador having worked within the financial services industry for over 30 years across Investment Banking, Wealth and Asset Management organisations. Most recently, Sue has been working with a leading […]

Optimising an Operating Model

A business strategy outlines the principles and values of an organisation and sets out its long-term aspirations. Underlying this as a foundation is the organisations operating model – this is the method through which the strategy is put into practice. Its most vital aspect is in defining the different roles and responsibilities within an organisation […]

What makes a good Data Strategy?

The purpose of a data strategy is to provide the framework and pathway for an organisation to realise the value of utilising data to facilitate delivery of their business objectives. A data strategy must be tailored to each organisation and be in strategic alignment with their business goals. Such a strategy is founded on a […]

How to optimise an MSP relationship

The market for Managed Service Providers (MSP) grew by $87bn to $193bn between 2014-19, with an annual growth rate of around 12.5%. Given its rapid growth and rising popularity among firms, how do organisations get the best of out an MSP relationship? The reasoning behind many organisations move to an MSP model are numerous. MSPs […]

How to maximise use of a PMO to successfully deliver organisational change

A Project Management Office (PMO) is the enabler of the governance of organisational change, providing support for the processes of project management. The form and structure a PMO should take is fluid and depends on the size of the business and the scale of the project. For example, for a small firm implementing minimal change, […]

Flexible working arrangements look set to become a permanent feature in the financial services industry. Following updated guidance from the FCA have organisations considered all they need to?

The pandemic forced the adoption of remote working overnight. Driven by changing behaviours and staff desires for flexibility, some form of remote or hybrid working looks set to become a permanent feature for most businesses. It is easy to assume that at this point on the journey businesses have considered everything needed. The pandemic caused […]

Is your business driving your supplier engagements, or are your suppliers?

A businesses relationship with it suppliers can take various forms. Those that choose to build a partnership with their suppliers realise significant benefits and opportunities because of it. Whatever your businesses relationship with its suppliers, it is paramount to ensure that your business is driving the engagement at all times. It is often very easy […]